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Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Firing an Employee


Did I properly train this specific employee?

This is the first question you should ask yourself as it is quite possibly the most important. If an employee was not properly trained, they cannot be expected to properly perform. It is always the responsibility of the boss/director/supervisor to make certain that an employee not only knows how to complete a task, but also how that specific task is to be performed. These are 2 key components that are needed for any employee to achieve success.


Is this employee capable of completing the task effectively?

Examine the task, and then examine the employee being asked to do said task. Ask yourself, “What makes a person qualified to complete this task?” 
Write a list of the specific skills an employee already possesses, and also include any traits in their character you recognize frequently. A combination of these details will typically tell you whether or not the employee holds the combination of qualities that are required to fill the position, and in turn, complete the task.


Did I provide the employee with the right environment to complete the task?

Environment is key when it comes to employee performance. A healthy environment produces motivated and inspired employees, while a not-so-healthy environment is likely to produce the exact opposite. If a business is going to thrive, it is essential to have motivated employees and if a business environment is in any way toxic, or discouraging, there is a high possibility you will not be able to find anyone who can perform the position accordingly.  


Did I remind the employee it is okay to make mistakes and encourage them to ask questions?

An employee must feel safe with their boss. Feeling safe to make mistakes and ask questions is essential in employee growth and development. If an employee doesn’t feel safe to make a mistake then they will never take a risk and if an employee doesn’t take any risks, then they will never flourish. 


Have I given the employee the appropriate amount of time to learn?

Time is important, and you need to make certain your employees have enough time to learn their responsibilities successfully. Build a plan, and execute it properly. Choosing a specific date to achieve goals is helpful but that date also needs to be realistic.
Have you ever heard the saying, “Put yourself in their shoes.” before? 
Well, we like to think of it as, “Put yourself at their desk.” And yes, we do mean that literally. You will only know the appropriate time frame it takes to learn a job if you sit down at their desk and learn each task for yourself first.

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