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Five Statements to Steer Clear of During a Job Interview

One: My biggest weakness is that I’m a perfectionist.

To put it bluntly, this statement is just plain lazy. No one is perfect and no one believes a person who claims they are. Instead of taking this overused and tired weakness, name an actual weakness of yours and prove you are an honest individual.

If it feels uncomfortable to put yourself down during an interview, that’s okay. More than that, it’s normal and to make it productive, list a couple ways you are working to improve that weakness. This allows you to be seen as honest, self-aware and focused on personal growth.

Two: Let’s get down to pay.

Pay is important. We all know that. We also understand you might not even be able to take a position that doesn’t pay you accordingly. However, demanding to get down to pay, in any setting, makes people tense. It’s just natural. Not to mention, it can also make you come off as someone who only cares about money.

If you really want the position you’re applying for, demonstrate patience. Focus on the position and once you’re offered the position, then you can ask about pay and make the decision for yourself, before it’s taken away from you when you make the decision to ask about pay too soon.

Three: What does the company do?

When asking what the company does, you may feel like you’re showing interest and that that’s a good thing but unfortunately, it isn’t. It’s 2021. Google has been around for many years now, leaving you with no excuse to be left uninformed. Google the company you’re interviewing for before your interview and ask questions relating to the information you find to demonstrate your commitment to this position and most importantly, that you’re already willing to put in some work for the position offered.

Four: I don’t know.

Bottom line is that “I don’t know” are three words you should always steer clear of in an interview. If the question is about you, you should ALWAYS know the answer and if you genuinely feel like you don’t, take a deep breath and ask them if they could please repeat the question.

This will allow you some time to clear the anxiety from your mind and think of a suitable answer. If the question you don’t know the answer to relates to the company, be honest but rephrase it. Instead of saying I don’t know, explain that while you may be unfamiliar with the answer, you also have a special passion for learning. This helps your personality and determination to shine even if your knowledge can’t.

Five: I hated the last company I worked for.

Even if it’s true, don’t say it. You don’t have to lie, but you don’t have to give them the entire story either. You can tell them that your last company wasn’t the right fit for you but also detail the ways in which they helped you grow and become better prepared for the position you’re interviewing for currently. This allows you to be honest and also helps them understand that you are someone who consistently grows in their career.

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