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“5 Key Steps to Keep Your Remote Employees Engaged and Motivated” – Insights from the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)

The article “How to Engage Remote Employees” by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) discusses five steps managers can take to keep their remote employees engaged and motivated. Firstly, it is important to prioritize communication by checking in with employees daily, communicating any important company news, and actively listening to employee concerns. Secondly, managers should set clear expectations for their remote employees and be patient and understanding, as not all employees may have an ideal telecommuting setup.

The third step is to recognize and reward good work, which can incentivize continued productivity and dedication from employees. Recognition can take various forms, including sending a teamwide or companywide email or offering an electronic gift card. Fourthly, managers should encourage work/life balance by reminding employees to establish boundaries between their work and personal lives, and not to feel like they need to be available for work 24/7. Finally, managers should demonstrate a collaborative culture, emphasizing that even though employees may be working remotely, they are still part of a team working towards the same goals.

The article highlights that remote employees can often feel isolated and left out of the loop, making communication and recognition of their contributions all the more important. It also stresses the need for managers to be patient and understanding, as not all employees may have an ideal telecommuting setup.

Overall, the article provides practical steps for managers to engage and motivate their remote employees. By prioritizing communication, setting clear expectations, recognizing good work, encouraging work/life balance, and demonstrating a collaborative culture, managers can help ensure their remote employees remain productive, motivated, and engaged.


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