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Redefining Leadership: Why Everyone Can and Should Lead

We recommend organizations add this must-read article from SHRM, “Leadership Comes in Little Moments”. The report highlights the importance of leadership at all levels, not just from those in positions of authority. The authors, Ed O’Malley and Fabris McBride emphasize that everyone has the ability to lead through influence, regardless of their title.

One key takeaway is that leadership and authority have different characteristics. It is important for organizations to provide the right tools and empower their employees to ask powerful questions, think creatively, and be willing to act experimentally. This will help create an environment where everyone feels capable of leading and solving problems.

The traditional approach of selecting top performers and grooming them for leadership roles is no longer sufficient. Forward-thinking organizations need people at all levels to feel empowered. The authors offer some great tips for young professionals to consider, such as focusing on their behaviors and asking the right questions, as these are attributes of leadership. They also emphasize the importance of learning to intervene skillfully, pushing issues forward without alienating others.

In conclusion, organizations should adopt programs that advocate for leadership for everyone, not just those in management positions. Doing so will create an environment where the most demanding challenges are seen and solved, and everyone is enabled to lead in their respective role or area. 


Leadership Comes in Little Moments


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