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Go-Givers Sell More: Small Business Perspective

I recently had the opportunity to read a wonderful book on sales called: “Go-Givers Sell More” by Bob Burg & John D. Mann. There were many insights and phrases that will enlighten my journey in dealing with clients and even our staff at The Nellis Group. I wanted to share 5 key concepts:

  1. The Old English word sellan means “to give”. The true art of selling is act of giving. This book gives many ideas on how to give to others from education to empathy and focuses on VALUE. Create Value, Add Value, be the reason someone else feels empowered. Empowered to make a decision. Enlightened to grow a Company.
  2. “Money is an echo of value. It is the thunder to value’s lightning.” The book stated that money should never be the first question but always a part of the equation on whether or not to do a new business or venture. Chasing money can be very elusive. Pursue making a difference and delivering such high value that the consumer can not find it anywhere else.
  3. “Attention is like a flashlight: it shines wherever you point it.” I have been at fault many times for having my attention too scattered. I even have friends that prefer to speak with me when I am in the car because they know I will not be typing emails or distracted when on the phone. It was amazing to see Chic-Fil-A try to drive attention back toward the family with their Chicken Coops when you dine in. If you put your cell phones in the “coop” during lunch/dinner you can then come up for a FREE dessert once finished with your meal. There is also a game when going out to eat together called: Quickdraw. First one to pick up their phone (answering the phone, sending an email, checking social media) pays for the tip or buys the whole dinner for everyone. When was the last time you were captivated by someone? When did you learn something new from a new person vs. google? Make it a practice at your next Happy Hour or business convention to be focused on the conversation and learn something new! Direct your attention on that person so they feel they are the ONLY one in the room, that truly the spotlight is on them!
  4. Connection over Presentation: Too many sales professionals want to SELL. They want to dictate how great the product, their powerpoint or even the Company’s vision is for the consumer. STOP IT! Start with the connection. Assess the needs. Now deliver on what is best for the consumer, you may even lose a sale when you understand your product/service is not the right fit. Always connect and find the win for them whether with you or another product/company.
  5. Rejection. There is a substantial fear for many in the world. The fear of being rejected. The emotion that it carries with the individual when the other person rejects you. Remember: “It’s not about you: It’s about them… Your business will touch the lives of many, many people- but you don’t need this particular person to be one of them.” There is another phrase coined by many books and speakers: NEXT. I loved how this book instead of using that nice four letter word concentrated the focus on the other success you will have not allowing one person/one sale to disrupt the pattern and trajectory of success.

I encourage you to add this book to your enlightenment in 2018. It will serve as a guide to creating more value in the lives of others. It will further help you live out an elevated legacy.


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